Tutorial IV – Corruption, or how to keep your empire together

The corruption system in Rising Empires is built around the fact that larger, more wide-spread, empires have increasing issues with keeping a tight control of their subjects. It’s a parallel system to loyalty and can be managed in similar ways but its effect is different

This is the fourth Rising Empires 2 tutorial and will discuss the corruption system in Rising Empires. The previous three tutorials can be found here:

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Where loyalty is how happy and satisfied your subjects are with your enlightened leadership, corruption is a measurement of how much of your gold and research that stray into the wrong pockets. There are two types of corruption; empire corruption and settlement corruption:

Image – Where to find the current corruption values in the empire report and the settlement screen.

The weight of each settlement when calculating the empire corruption depend in the population in the settlement. For a new empire, the corruption in the Capital will be the major generator of empire corruption while an older, more wide-spread empire, will have many settlements that contribute and affect the empire corruption.

Corruption is measured by two values:

Image – Example of corruption level and accumulated corruption.

1 – The first value is the corruption level. This is the level of corruption in the empire or settlement this turn. This value decides how much corruption that is added to the accumulated corruption each turn.

2 – The value in parentheses is the accumulated corruption. If the corruption level in your empire or settlement is above 0 the accumulated corruption will increase each turn. When it reaches 100 a corruption even will be triggered. On the empire level this event happens directly but on the settlement level it normally happens when an action is started, for example starting construction of a new company.

But how do you decrease the corruption in your settlements, and at the same time in your empire?

Image – Courthouses are the most effective way to combat corruption. Build lots of them…

The most effective method to decrease corruption is to build courthouses. Each courthouse does not only decrease the corruption but they also increase the maximum loyalty in your settlements.

If you want to read more about corruption the detailed rules can be found here:

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  1. The research ‘Improved Society I’ unlocks the research ‘Law and Order I’. I’m guess Law and Order can also help with corruption.

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