Tutorial II – Research and technologies

In this second Rising Empires 2 tutorial we will talk about research. How it works, the difference between primary and secondary research projects and in the end we’ll discuss some interesting technologies. If you haven’t installed the Rising Empires 2 it can be found on Google Play. The basis for this tutorial is a Human empire, like the empire in the first tutorial.

Research points is, like gold, an empire resource. This means that all research points generated by towns and cities are collected by the empire at the end of each turn and distributed to the different research projects. The loyalty of your local population may influence the number of research points collected, as well as buildings, corruption, size of the local population, your selected religion and what race you play.

This is how it looks like the first time you enter the research screen:

Image – The research screen.

Both the primary and secondary research must be set. This is done by clicking on the wanted technology and in the technology screen clicking on the appropriate button (named primary and secondary).

Image – Example of selecting military organisation as the primary research.

But what is primary and secondary research? The primary research project is the focus area for the wise men in your empire. 70% of the research points goes to the primary research. The secondary research receives the remaining 30% and goes slower than the primary research. It is possible to rush a technology by setting it as both primary and secondary but then 10% will be lost, i.e. 90% goes to the project and 10% is lost due to the empire rushing the technology.

And which technology is best? This very much depend on your situation. Do you have enough food in your capital? If not, you should perhaps develop one or two levels of farming. Are you keen to build up a good army? Perhaps you should start with Military Organisation in order to get access to the barracks building and all the groovie weapon technologies. Let us have a closer look at some technologies:

Military organisation – This is one of my favourite starting technologies. The most important is that by completing this technology your empire get access to the barracks building that will be needed when you start building your own troop types. And it opens up all the military technologies like ‘weapons’ and ‘spears & pikes’. By completing at least the first levels of weapons and spears & pikes you should be able to design good footmen soldiers.

Farming – Farming is the most useful of the food technologies. This technology allows your settlements to improve plains, oasis and open caves further than level I. It also gives access to the farmers market building that generate a good amount of extra food.

Riding – Riding is not possible to research at the first turn, but it’s easy to get access to riding by completing the first levels of animal husbandry. Riding allows you to design cavalry companies. Especially mounted scouts can be useful in the early game to explore the map.

There are a lot of other important technologies, like improved society, that is handy to research for the benefits and buildings they give access to.

Questions? Comments? Please let me know, either here by responding to this post, on the forum or by sending me an email. Good luck! 🙂

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  1. Animal Husbandry III unlocks the research Riding, which then must be researched itself (I assume). I wanted to know that after reading this article, so figures i’d post it for others.

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