5 thoughts on “Fate of an Empire trailer”

    1. I hope to continue updating Fate of an Empire in the future as there are plenty of good ideas that haven’t been added yet. This will be the best 4x game on the android system.

      1. This is great and if you want one more idea (I don’t want to pressure you to put this in the game, it’s just a suggestion) there could be a way to kill a hunger settlement with a single army what I think is that there has to be an option to “surround” the settlement with your army (like 1500 minimum men for this option) and depending on the population you may need more or less and not wanting to be an asshole but there could be some medieval medieval music that is sometimes have a strange silent

        (I’m sorry for some meaningless phrases my English is not one of the best)

      2. This is great but unintentionally annoying or an idiot requesting it but it could have

        “a way to exterminate as racas if I don’t know it is not viable to maintain a population of another race in a settlement”

        “training magical troops like wizards, sorcerers, and some skill that makes troops relatively good troops and with a little bit of magic”

        train / summon magical creatures like (example): Some beings made of wood, living dead / skeletons, some being of fire … (I don’t know much that can be summoned so it’s up to your creativity)

        and I think this is a stupid request but it could have a song or sound effects sometimes I think (for me I don’t know while other people) it is very quiet

        (and I’m sorry if you don’t understand anything my English is not very good)

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