Tutorial III – Loyalty, or how to keep your population happy

The loyalty system in Rising Empires is built around the fact that it should be ‘relatively’ easy to keep your own race happy, but it should be harder with conquered and enslaved races. Suddenly Ende, being a minority race in their own empire, has a problem…

This is the third Rising Empires 2 tutorial and will discuss the loyalty system in Rising Empires. The previous two tutorials can be found here:

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There are six races in Rising Empires and each race living in a settlement is called a population group. For example, a city with 2 000 Ende and 10 000 Greenskins will consist of two population groups; one with Ende and one with Greenskin civilians. This means that a town or city can have from 1 up to 6 population groups.

Each population group has its own loyalty value. The loyalty value ranges from 1 (open rebellion) to 100 (godlike) and is a value of how loyal this group of civilians is towards the glorious Emperor. The maximum loyalty in a population group at the start is 65 (50 is counted as the base loyalty) and can be increased with buildings, technologies and more… As there can be many population groups in a settlement one race can be very loyal towards the Emperor while another can be close to open rebellion.

Image – A human population group in a starting Capital.

Loyalty can be measured in the whole empire, in a settlement or in an individual population group. Empire loyalty, which is the average loyalty of your whole population, can be found in the empire report. The loyalty in a settlement or in a population group can be found in the settlement screen (above image).

But how do you improve (or at least keep) the loyalty among your subjects?

The most important factor is to feed your population. Your population wants to eat at least 1.5 food/pop or their loyalty will start to become strained. Feeding them very well (2.0 food/pop) will make sure that their loyalty to you will increase. When your population gets fed less then 1.0 food/pop they start to starve, and you can image the effect this has on their loyalty. You should take extra care to feed your Greenskin population…

Another important factor to keep your subjects happy is to keep them safe from threats. You should always make sure that your settlements are garrisoned. Especially settlements with enslaved races.

There are several buildings, like the Red district below, that affect the loyalty of your population:

Image – Example of settlement constructing a red district building.

Every fifth turn there is a larger loyalty update where buildings give their bonuses to the loyalty in the settlement where they have been constructed.

Lots of other events can also influence the loyalty of your population. Especially loosing and capturing towns and cities will affect your subjects belief in your leadership…

A loyalty between 35 and 65 is considered normal. A higher loyalty will see your empire receive small bonuses and a lower value will give you penalties. Bonuses and penalties are often given to the settlement directly and not to the empire itself.

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