Fate of an Empire – Terrain properties


Welcome back to a new Fate of an Empire developer diary. For the new readers I would like to mention that these developer diaries are not for the current iteration of Fate of an Empire with the square map tiles that can be downloaded on the Play store. These diaries are about the new iteration of Fate of an Empire that also goes under the working name Fate of an Empire – Age of War.

In the origin there was a game called Rising Empires. Rising Empires later evolved into Rising Empire 2 and then became Fate of an Empire. While many aspects of the game have evolved the simple resource system was kept. The only resource that is decided by the terrain is the food output which decides the total population of the settlement. The income and construction values of the settlement are decided by the population and the buildings that have been constructed. In Fate of an Empire terrain resources was added, like gold which gives bonuses to income and iron that makes it easier to build new troops.

But still, the terrain only decided the food generated by the settlement. In the next iteration of Fate of an Empire this will change:

Image – Screenshots from the map editor.

As before, the terrain around your settlement will have a large impact on how big population that can be supported, but the terrain around your settlement will also have a major influence on the income and construction values of a settlement. This will mean that where you decided to settle your new town will also decide how good it will be, or become as it grows.

The income of a settlement will depend on the taxes generated by the population and the trade income from surrounding terrain. To balance this the tax income from a loyal citizen will be decreased slightly. My intention is to make the starting economy of an empire a little stronger, as trade from terrain dominates, while decreasing the economy at the later stages when tax income dominates.

All these values will be possible to mod if you want to change them.

As with the changes of the combat system that I talked about last week these changes will also have to be play tested before launching Fate of an Empire – Age of War. The beta test for the map editor has already started if you want to give it a try.

Next week I’ll be away travelling but the week after my intention is to let you know a bit more about settlement focuses. Something that, together with the terrain properties, will change the game fundamentally.


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