How to join the beta test of the map editor in Fate of an Empire?

The last two weeks I’ve been hard at work converting AI routines from the “old” Fate of an Empire to the new hexagonal map system used in the new iteration of Fate of an Empire that I’m working on. I’ve also started converting the combat system and some of the routines that is run when a new turn is processed.

But I’ve also made the final touches needed to start a beta test of the map editor. Check out this video introducing the map editor:

Do you want to help me test the beta editor and create maps to be included in game from start?

How to join in the beta test of the map editor?

In order to join the beta test please send an e-mail to telling me that you wish to join. In the e-mail you must include your e-mail connected to your google account as the beta test is run using the Play store. I’ll send back a link for joining the test and a promo code allowing you to download the map editor for free. Please note that it might take a day for me to respond. 🙂

I want to make a map to be included in the game!

Great! For a map to be included in the game at launch it must follow all the basic rules:

  • The number of start positions on the Surface and the Netherworld must be the same.
  • The number of cave openings must be 1 + hexes/600.
  • When analyzing the map it must say that the map is valid for creating new games.

Additionally, it must also take into account one weakness of the current AI. It can’t use fleets as well as a player. This means that there must be land connections between all starting positions. Please add islands but make sure that all empires can reach each other on land.

To export/share maps select “Save to external memory” and the maps will be stored in the android/data/norberg/fantasy/strategy/files folder.

I’m looking forward to hear from you and see your creations!

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