Fate of an Empire – Random Netherworld maps


Welcome back to my Fate of an Empre developer diaries. These short notes will let you know what progress I’ve made and what I’m working on at the momement.

The last week I’ve been working on a random map generator for the Netherworld and I’m quite happy with the result. It creates caves, corridors, a few lakes and rivers. This is an example of how it can look down below:

Image – Randomly generated map of the Netherworld.

For the coming week my ambition is to complete the Create new game activity. Except for updating for all the changes made for this new iteration of Fate of an Empire I also need to add a spinner where you can decide what map to play, and the choice of map will then decide how many computer controlled empires that will be added to the game.

Don’t forget to sign up for the map editor beta. Read here for more details:

How to join the beta test of the map editor in Fate of an Empire? – Rising Empires 2

Thank you for your support!

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