Fate of an Empire – Another map editor update

Here comes an example of a start position and the details of the start position. When long pressing on a hex without a start position it will only give information about that single hex.

Information about a start position on the Surface

I’ve also made a simple map, yes I know it’s not very fancy, but it is an example of a small map for 4 empires. This is how the Surface looks like:

Example of a Surface map

And the Netherworld:

Example of a Netherworld map

I’ve been working hard on the map editor the last months but more and more of my time is now consumed by converting the game code to the new hexagonal map system. This week, for example, I’ve converted all the code that updates empires at the end of each turn. This is new construction projects, population, research and much more. While doing this I’m also thinking on what needs to be added to further improve the game. One idea I play around with is the possibility to designate a purpose for larger settlements. May it be a garrison city, shipyard, trade hub, center of knowledge or a mega city population wise. The designation would then decide how good the settlement is with utilizing each resource. A garrison city would be very good a training troops and would fill its recruit pool from neighbouring cities while it would not generate much research or trade income.

Hmmm, I like that idea…

I have no goals set for the coming week and might spend most of the time converting base code. Cheers!

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