Fate of an Empire – Map editor update

The goal I set for myself this week was relatively quick to complete and I’ve also created a window for writing a map description and take credit for being the one who developed the map.

Options when creating a new map and writing a description of the map.

Which meant that I also had time to add reources and a window allowing you to analyze the map and see if it meets all criteria for being allowed to create games on.

Showing example of the analyze map window and a map with some resources.

I would say that the map editor is fully functional now for making maps for the new Fate of an Empire version I’m working on. Yes, more features and stuff can be added but all the needed stuff is now implemented.

The plan is now to add a window showing all the details of a hex when you long press on it. For example the food values, production values and trade values of the hex (yes, this is new stuff). When long pressing on a starting position the combined resources for all hexes within line of sight of the new capital will be calculated.

When this is done it might be time for starting a beta on the map editor… I will also need help to design a few maps that will be included in the game from start.

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