Working the Land update

Today the ‘Working the Land‘ update of Fate of an Empire was released in the play store and at It’s been live a few days already at other app stores like the Galaxy app store and the Amazon app store.

Changelog version 1.1.2 “Working the land”

AI updates:
  • Added two different playing styles for computer empires following the religion ‘Working the Land’.
  • The AI can now send more than one settler group at the same time to boost the population of an already existing settlement.
  • AI will no longer try to settle close to minotaur or lizard nests.
  • Adjusted the economy checks when the AI decides if it can afford to build a new settlement or send settlers to an already existing settlement.
  • AI will no longer send declarations of friendship to empires that it has negative relations to.
  • AI controlled empires will now take level penalty into account when deciding if it has enough strength to attack.
  • Conquest armies will now avoid attacking during thunder storms in the winter as this gives a bog penalty to the attacking side.
Balance changes:
  • Halved the build time and build cost for custom scout companies.
  • Limited how quickly dragons are spawned on the Surface and the Netherworld.
  • Ghouls can now be spawned to the end of the game.
  • Decreased the population growth in Minotaur camps.
  • Law and Order technologies changed from Development to Basic technology class.
Bug fixes:
  • Fixed bug when AI calculate distance to existing settlements when deciding where to build a new settlement.
  • Fixed error when calculating if AI shall send a declaration of friendship in order to make it possible to create a NAP.
  • Fixed error where AI sometimes didn’t reply to alliance and NAP proposals.
  • Fixed error causing AI controlled garrison armies to stop moving when the settlement they target is lost. The army is now released for other duties instead.
  • Fixed error causing crash in the AI find movement path code.
  • Fixed error causing crash when creating an empire and no town location has been set.
  • Fixed crash when updating empire history and no turn report could be found for empire.
  • While creating a new game it’s no longer possible to split screen or change orientation of the screen (tablets) as this will remove all input information.
Other changes:
  • Map generator will now place smaller one sector lakes on the map.
  • Increased the chance that a sector get rough terrain on the Surface and the Netherworld.
  • Map generator will now create a more diverse and random coast on the Surface.
  • Map generator will now create a more diverse and random edge of the Netherworld map.
  • Replaced the app icons for both the premium and free version of Fate of an Empire.
  • Replaced Wyvern King image with Night city image.
  • Replaced Enraged image with River castle image.
  • Replaced all progress screen race images with new environment images.
  • Replaced village icon with one representing a windmill.
  • Updated credits.

The work on the next update has now started. The main news in ‘Win or lose‘, version 1.1.3, will be that I fix the issues with the win conditions making it possible to actually win (or lose if an AI empire fulfill the win conditions) the game. I’m also adding the first event chain to Fate of an Empire. My hope is that event chains will increase the atmosphere and depth of the game and also make each playthrough more unique. If this event chain works well I plan to add more in the future.

I hope that you’ll enjoy the Working the Land update and the new art I’ve added to the game.


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