Coming updates to Fate of an Empire!

Hi guys!

I thought I would give you a small hint of what’s on the horizon for Fate of an Empire. Next weekend version 1.1.2 ‘Working the Land‘ will go live on the Play store. ‘Working the Land’ introduces a lot of new art to the game as well as new play styles for AI empires following the religion Working the Land.

The app icon will also be updated:

Image – The new app icon.

‘Working the Land’ also introduces lots of balance changes and bug fixes. I’ve also taken the opportunity to play around a bit with the map generator in order to make the maps a bit more interesting.

Today I started working on version 1.1.3 which I call ‘Win or lose‘. It’s been a bit embarrassing that the win conditions haven’t worked in the past and the time has come to fix this:

Image – The victory screen…

Yes, it’s finally possible to win the game. Well, you can lose as well… This will also mean that the game will end when one empire meet a victory condition.

Thank you for your support and I hope you’ll enjoy the coming updates to Fate of an Empire!


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