Changelog Fate of an Empire

Changelog version 1.1.1 “There can be only one”

AI updates:
  • Added three different playing styles for computer empires following the religion ‘There can be only one’.
  • Removed the limit on number of NAPs an AI empire may have at any one time.
  • The AI is now more inclined to build cavalry companies for patrol duties.
  • When the AI searches for a suitable settlement to attack it will now prioritise settlements belonging to empires it hates and dislikes.
  • When evaluating the distance to a target settlement it now uses the footmen pathfinder instead of just calculating the number of sectors as the bird flies.
  • When evaluating enemy strength the AI is now a little less confident in its own strength than before, decreasing the risk for suicide attacks.
  • The military adviser is now less inclined to request conquest armies in the very early stages of the game when the AI can’t afford a conquest army.
  • A conquest army, after capturing it’s target settlement, will now stay and defend the settlement if it’s under threat.
  • A conquest army, after capturing it’s target settlement, will now search for next target on both levels instead of only the one its located on.
  • A conquest army will now leave a small garrison in settlements that it capture before moving on to new adventures.
Balance changes:
  • All empires now start with a Farmers Market in the capital and if quick start also in the town.
  • Decreased cost for ability cavalry with 500.
  • Decreased cost for ability flying with 1000.
Bug fixes:
  • Removed all references to company ability Monk. Please move on, nothing to see here…
  • Fixed part of error where AI create multiple instances of the same continent or ocean in its memory.
  • Fixed AI bug that caused scouts trying to eliminate their own watchtowers causing scouts to swarm around their own towers like flies.
  • Fixed error in AI movement routine that could cause armies to get stuck on one level when the really wanted to move to the other level.
  • Fixed error where huge corruption issues in an empire could create negative Faith values in populations.
Other changes:
  • Made the settlement data tab scrollable when all data don’t fit on the screen.
  • Updated description of season winter and weather thunder storms.
  • Rulebook: Added a tips and tricks page with good to know stuff about Fate of an Empire. Updated page with company abilities.

Changelog version 1.1.0 “Faith”

Faith update:
  • The AI will now build shrines in cities and larger settlements if it has researched the correct technology.
  • The “Faith” of the empire religion will now decide how much of the religion bonus an empire receive.
  • Added information about faith in the empire report.
  • Added option to start an inquisition to force religion in a population group.
  • The company data dialog now takes faith bonus level into account when calculating combat values of the company type.
  • Added 9 new faith technologies.
  • Added 9 new faith buildings of new building type Praying chambers.
  • Added new icons for faith, faith buildings and faith technologies.
Balance changes:
  • Bonuses for all religions except Working the Land updated.
Bug fixes:
  • When adding buildings to the construction queue, resource buildings will only be shown if the settlement has the corresponding resource within sight.
  • It is no longer possible to upgrade buildings to versions that the settlement size can’t support (for example Marketplace III require the settlement to be a city or larger).
  • Fixed error where the rate game popup linked to the wrong game.
  • Fixed error where defending side got their religion offensive bonus instead of defensive bonus in ground and naval combats (will make Protector of the Weak better at protecting the weak).
  • Fixed crash when AI tries to search for a blockading fleet around a settlement that has been starved to death (i.e. removed from map).
  • Now show correct text when submitting score to leaderboard Emperor of Man.
  • Fixed typos reported by players.
Other changes:
  • Added new option “Automate upgrade basic buildings” in settlements. Buildings will be prioritised if the following order: Courthouse, Farmers market, Fishing Docks, Marketplace, Library, Hospice, Taberna Vinaria and Wall. Note that it will only auto upgrade buildings when the building queue is empty and the needed technologies have been completed.
  • When a settlement is captured, all orders (automate upgrade buildings, tax level, starvation and inquisition) are returned to default.
  • In the list showing constructed buildings in a settlement, all building types that can be upgraded are now indicated with an upgrade sign.
  • Rulebook: Added page about settlement faith and a changelog archive. Updated page about religions and terrain data. Changed empire report screenshot in the first turn tutorial. Changed population screenshot in guide about loyalty.

Changelog version 1.0.1 “Taxes & GUI”

AI updates:
  • AI empires will now move their reserve fleets between their coastal settlements to patrol their coast.
Balance changes:
  • It’s now possible to change how heavily taxed a population group is. This can be set for each population group individually or for all population groups in the settlement.
  • Added new loyalty modifier, tax level, depending if the population group is heavily or easily taxed.
Bug fixes:
  • Fixed crash when rebelling against the overlord.
Other changes:
  • Added +1 button in settlement production tabs which adds one more of the last item in the production queue.
  • Smaller GUI changes (for example, moved upgrade building button to improve visibility).
  • Rulebook:Added Krant time-lapse video to race description. Updated settlements loyalty page.

Changelog version 1.0.0

  • Release version of Fate of an Empire!

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