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I hope you all have a had a good festive season and are looking forward to 2021. For me this year will be very exciting with the launch of Fate of an Empire in a month or two. Being a one man developer trying to create a deep and complex game like FoaE is a struggle but the mails and comments you send to me make it all worthwhile. I just hope my wife agree…

If you enjoy Rising Empires 2 and the coming Fate of an Empire it’s the best gift you can give me.

Last week I mentioned that I’ve added the new app icon to Fate of an Empire and I thought you might want to see it as well:

Image – The new app icon for Fate of an Empire!

I like it a lot!

The last week I’ve focused on adding material to the game rulebook. I want the game to be as transparent as possible and add all game modifiers to the rulebook. I’ve also started to work on all marketing material that is needed to launch a game. Yesterday I made all the new screenshots for Google play, both potrait and landscape versions. I also work on a trailer video that I hope will be slightly better than the RE2 videos that I did some time ago.

Later today I will upload a new beta build for my beta testers. It’s still time to sign up for the beta test. If you want to help out, send an e-mail to apps@norberg.one and include your google e-mail and I’ll add you to the beta.

That’s all for now. Take care!

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