Alliances and vassals

The time has come for a progress update on Fate of an Empire. You should know by now that when it’s silent here at the blog it’s full activity in my studio. When I say studio, I mean the guest room where I have the computer. It is not very fancy, but it’s a table and a chair…

Image – Empire information about the Capricorn empire.

I’m just about finished now with the new diplomacy mechanics. It’s now more transparent compared to the quite simple diplomatic system in Rising Empires 2. I won’t lie to you, if you think some parts like the relation value seems influenced by Europa Universalis 4 that’s correct. It’s now possible for empires to create alliances and fight together, to swear fealty to mighty enemies before they conquer your last settlements or demand that your weak ally become a subject nation to your powerful imperium.

Image – List of possible diplomatic actions towards the Capricorn empire.

I’ve taught the AI to handle the mechanics and when I run simulations both alliances are created, and vassals are forced into service to stronger empires. But I still haven’t taught the AI how to act when it’s bound by these treaties. For example, a subject nation should play more defensively and focus on staying alive and to some extent keeping its overlord happy. Who knows, if the overlord weakens the subject nation must be ready to strike and start its march towards freedom.

To summarize, this means that the food, corruption and diplomatic mechanics have been totally rewritten. Next, I intend to give the loyalty system a good overhaul as it doesn’t serve any good purpose in its current form.

If you want to try out the new features and help me balance the game, please join the ongoing beta test. Send me an e-mail at and include your google e-mail and I’ll reply with the sign up link at Google play.

Thank you for your continued support.


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