Changelog Rising Empires 2

********** Version 2.4.11 **********

  • Updated building dialog window with button to upgrade buildings. Only shown for unlimited buildings if empire has researched a better version.
  • Fixed error that sometimes made the settlement AI unable to request a new garrison army when the previous had been eliminated.
  • Fixed error that made the AI delete new garrison armies the turn after they had reached their settlement.
  • Fixed typo in text for ability skirmish.

********** Version 2.4.10 **********

Winter is coming:

  • Added flavour text in the full combat report.
  • Added new graphics to show when it’s winter on the Surface.

AI updates:

  • Gave the AI the ability to design flying melee companies.
  • The AI is now able to build flying melee companies if its economy can afford it.

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed crash when AI decides how to move patrol fleets.

********** Version 2.3.8 **********

  • Updated contact and rate game dialog windows.
  • Fixed crash when army is prepared for new turn and a company has company data null.
  • Fixed crash where army doing a construction project has no engineers left.

********** Version 2.3.7 **********

Ships and Fleets:

  • Added new graphics for Fleets and Squadrons.
  • Added fleet activity screen.
  • Implemented squadron construction tab for settlement activity screen. Only shown for coastal settlements when ship building technology is researched.
  • Added List fleets button. Is shown when empire has at least one fleet.
  • Sector dialog now shows fleets as well.
  • Added ship building technologies.
  • Implemented fleet orders transfer fleet/squadron, change fleet name, repair fleet and disband fleet.
  • Implemented army orders embark army and disembark army.
  • Added event button for idle fleets and naval combats.
  • Added fleet information in empire report dialog.
  • Added weather information in game menu.
  • Implemented blockade system to strangle the economy of an enemy settlement.

AI updates:

  • The AI will now re-direct settlers on route to a settlement that has been conquered by an enemy to another settlement instead of getting stuck trying to enter the enemy settlement.
  • The AI will now be more willing to expand by building new settlements in the early game.
  • Krant can now send up to 4000 settlers when building a new settlement.
  • Krant can now send up to 4000 settlers when increasing pop in an existing settlement.
  • Fixed bug in AI objective build road that mean that code for stopping a build road project when either start or target settlement has been lost was never reached.
  • The AI is now able to design and build flying scouts.
  • Updated how the AI select armour settings when creating scouts of all types.

Balance changes:

  • Armour setting now influence initiave when creating new company types (none -5, poor -2, medium 0, heavy +5).

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed crash when AI tries to build an engineer company in a settlement without population.
  • Fixed error that made the AI wait two turns into the game before starting to construct buildings.
  • Fixed error when creating AI empires without a religion which caused a crash.
  • Fixed crash when line of sight tries to see over a non-existant location.


  • Changed to a new app icon.

********** Version 2.2.7 **********

AI Updates:

  • Re-worked how the AI value each location when selecting where to build new settlements to promote coastal locations.
  • The AI will now focus more on growing smaller settlements into at least city size than before.
  • The AI will now focus more on growing coastal settlements into at least city size.
  • When the AI has un-needed army reserves they will now consider moving armies from the reserve to smaller settlements and disband them there in order to decrease military wages and grow the smaller settlements.
  • Re-worked how the AI prepare for attacking neutral nests and enemy settlements. Changed reflect where the AI decide to assemble all the troops as well as how it draws troops from the reserves.
  • From now on the AI will create army reserve holding objects at all settlements it believe has military capacity.
  • Changed how the military advisor prioritise new offensive adventures to decrease the risk that the AI will overspend and cripple its economy by doing multiple attacks at the same time.
  • Improved the capacity of the AI to evaluate if it affords to build new armies or not.

Balance changes:

  • Changed the settlement density values for all races and some religions to make the AI able to build a denser empire if it wishes.
  • Updated start relation values for all races and religions to increase the difference between them.
  • Updated diplomatic settings for all races and religions to increase chance of NAPs between friendly empires.
  • Updated how big standing armies all races and religion combos aim for.

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed error where the AI couldn’t build forced labour squads for settle objectives.


  • Major update to code infra-structure in preparation of the next major update.
  • QOL improvements, all dialog windows (excl. exit game) can now be dismissed by pressing outside them on the screen.
  • Now also writes out the religions of all met empires in the diplomatic view.
  • Added more randomness to starting positions.
  • Krant company design names will now reflect their lore better.
  • Added one more human empire name.
  • Updated the contacts dialog screen with a question to players to rate the game at Google Play store.
  • At turn 250 a rate dialog screen will be shown asking players to rate the game at Google Play store.

********** Version 2.2.6 **********

AI updates:

  • The settlement AI will now also consider the season and food situation when deciding if it want to build a hospice or breeding lair.
  • If a settlement is in a poor or starving food situation the settlement AI will try to remove a population building to decrease the population growth.
  • Updated settlement governor for religions Wisdom of the ages and Working the land.
  • When searching for threats the military advisor will now ignore lizard armies with nests making it impossible for them to reach the settlement.
  • The military advisor will now update defensive objectives tracking major threats every fifth turn instead of every tenth turn.
  • When a threat is farther away than 2 x settlement sight the military advisor will stop tracking it and cancel the defensive objective. All armies will be moved to the reserves.
  • When a threat is smaller than the settlement garrison strength the military advisor will stop tracking it and cancel the defensive objective. All armies will be moved to the reserves.

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed error when a settlement AI tries to build food buildings to stop starvation.
  • Fixed error that made the AI being caught in loops where all province capitals and the capital endlessly tried to build and replace palace buildings. Will now only build palaces in one settlement.
  • Fixed error where the AI had difficulties moving around friendly settlements blocking their path.
  • The AI is no longer able to put neutrals as their focus enemy empire. Should make them able to focus their attacks against their most hated enemy instead of hunting Ghouls…
  • Fixed error where the military advisors couldn’t take the settlement garrison into account when calculating how dangerous a threat is.
  • Fixed error where sometimes it wasn’t possible to attack settlements previously owned by a dead friendly empire.
  • Fixed crasch when AI has completed the tech tree and can’t find a new technology to research.
  • Fixed odd crash when the pathfinder could not find a path to a sector.


  • Corruption level is now also shown in the settlement list.
  • Added new world configurations for 8 empires normal games; T cross and snake.
  • Added a twist to world configution square for 8 empires normal games.

********** Version 2.2.5 **********

AI updates:

  • When a conquest army has destroyed a neutral nest it will search for a new target before being merged with the army reserve.
  • When a conquest army has captured a settlement it will search for threats to the captured settlement before it decides to leave it for a new target.
  • When searching for a move path the target sector will always be included even if aggressive is set to false and there is an enemy on the sector. Should decrease the issue with scouts wanting to enter cave openings when there are none.
  • Scout armies with objective to enter a cave opening will abandon objective if the cave opening is controlled by a friendly empire.
  • Raiding armies are now able to attack the settlement they raid terrain at if they believe it’s poorly defended.
  • AI can now use captured populations when building engineers. It will always prefer to build of the largest population group in a settlement.
  • Defensive objectives will now stay focused on the settlement they want to protect, decreasing the risk of defensive armies moving back and forth every turn.
  • Settlements will now build courthouses if corruption is 5 or higher instead of 10 or higher.
  • Financial advisor will now request better development technologies if corruption is 10 or higher and Law & Order III haven’t been researched.
  • AI will now proritize Weapons I and Spears & Pikes I after Military Organisation to quickly gain better company types.
  • When selecting what exact technology to research (i.e. not technology type) the AI will now also prioritize Law & Order I, II and III if possible.
  • Updated request values for races; Dwarf, Greenskin and Human.
  • Updated request values for religion; Strength of neutrality.
  • Neutral dragons will now stop and raid improved terrain when they are hungry.
  • Neutral minotaurs are now able to raid terrain instead of only running after enemy armies.
  • Numerous logging improvements to make it easier to debug AI activity and behind the scenes operations.

Balance changes:

  • Movement cost for pillage terrain is decreased with 50% for neutral empires.
  • Ghouls will now be generated further into the game than before.
  • Dragons will now take over as the main neutral threat slower than before.

Bug fixes:

  • Added error message when the production list in newly captured settlement haven’t been reset.
  • Fixed crash when opening list of companies that can be produced in a settlement.
  • Lots of fixes for objectives controlling armies that protects against threats.
  • Fixed error where all AI controlled races could design company types with the unliving ability.
  • Fixed numerous crashes that was caused by the updated graphics system.
  • Fixed crash when playing observe mode and looking at a newly captured settlement which haven’t been reset correctly.


  • Added 11 more settlement names with a focus on Krant names.
  • Added details of number of soldiers and settlers in Empire report.

********** Version 2.1.5 **********

  • Reworked the graphics system. Essentially moving from two threads; one updating and one drawing the map to one thread which handle both tasks. Also updated the code around the threads to make the app work better. This should finally solve the issue with the map freezing.

********** Version 2.1.4 **********

  • Added temporary fix with Android 10 deprecating the old file handling system. This caused errors when loading and saving files.
  • Fixed crash when list of armies in a sector doesn’t exist.
  • Fixed error that made ability sapper impossible to select. Note that Ende can’t select this ability.
  • Computer controlled empires will now use most or all abilities available to them.
  • Krant will no longer replace their flying scouts with inferior cavalry scouts.

********** Version 2.1.3 **********

  • Fixed Ende bug where large Ende companies could capture more souls than existed in the enemy company.

********** Version 2.1.2 **********

  • Implemented race bonuses (Elf -2/Krant -5) and penalties (Greenskin +2/Ende +2/Dwarf +1) to corruption level in settlements.
  • Settlements now have corruption caps from empire size depending on settlement type (small town: 20, large town: 40, city: 60, province capital: 80 and capital: 100). Other factors (race, wealth and buildings) can still make total corruption above this cap although the corruption level will never be higher than 100.
  • Corruption will now adjust over several turns toward the target corruption value instead of changing immediately. How quickly the corruption changes depends on settlement type with larger settlements changing faster.
  • Straight movement cost is decreased with 10%.
  • Diagonal movement cost is increased with 10%.
  • Straight and diagonal movement is now shown in sector details view.
  • Updated background images for progress screen to decrease memory usage.
  • Fixed one crash when selecting a sector that doesn’t exist.

********** Version 2.0.2 **********

  • Fixed odd crash when a sighted army don’t exist.
  • Implemented Firebase crashlytics for better error reporting.

********** Version 2.0.1 **********

  • AI empires are now able to build granaries and courthouses.
  • Fixed error where AI empires could not upgrade all types of buildings.
  • AI will now try to react if corruption increases to much.
  • Base corruption from number and type of settlements capped at 100 (can be countered by 5 Courthouse IV).

********** Version 2.0.0**********

  • Release version of Rising Empires 2.

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  1. I have just seen this now, played this a long time ago but it didn’t update to work in the newer android version. So imagine my delight when I saw that there is a Rising Empires 2!

    But there’s only one thing I wish would come in the next update. An extended unit description, since I really like that you can describe the unit you created but felt really sad because it is very limited.

    Don’t stop pursuing your dreams, even if they end up changing along the way!

    1. The only race able to train another race is Ende which can train and use Greenskin troops. The other races are locked to their own race by design.

      1. Always bugged me that. A race in a city adores me you’d think they’d be willing to fight in the military outside of Militia.

        Maybe a system where they receive combat debuffs when fighting an empire of their own race and moral debuffs if their race loyalty decreases empire wide leading to their disbandment. Obviously they could only join you on very high loyalty scores. It just seems like a missed opportunity to me.

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