Upgrade buildings…

Work is progressing on the next update of Rising Empires 2, 2.4.11. This will be a smaller update focusing on bug fixes and AI improvements. But there will be one new feature that I believe most of you have wished for more than once…

Image – Demolish and upgrade in one step…

Yes, I’ve been working with improving the building dialog window to add an upgrade button.

When pressed it will demolish one building of the type selected and also add a production order for the best version of the same type. In the image above, pressing the upgrade button will demolish one of the Fishing docks II and issue a production order for a new Fishing dock III. Note that the button will only be shown for building types that you can have multiple of in the same city and if you have researched an improved version, else you don’t have a building to upgrade to.

I hope this will make micro-management of your town and cities easier and more fun!

A beta build is now live allowing our beta testers to evaluate how the button works. I’m looking forward to their feedback.

Take care of yourself and stay safe.


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