Winter is coming!

At last, the time has come for the next major update of Rising Empires 2. It’s version 2.4.10 and it brings winter to us all. Nina has made a great work with making winter versions of all the terrain types on the Surface.

Image – It’s a cold world out there…

A major part of this update, except for the new winter terrain, is the new flavour text in the combat reports. I must say thank you to the Discord community, especially BrightSideGuy, Galla and Generalstarwars333 has given me lots of suggestions and ideas to implement.

I hope you’ll enjoy both these additions. If you have suggestions for new flavour texts, empire names or settlement names, please let me know and if I like them I’ll add them to the game.

And who knows, perhaps we’ll even see steam tanks in the future… 😉


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