Tutorial VII part III – Conquering settlements and special rules

Special rules when attacking through a cave opening

When armies attacks through cave openings, either by moving from the Surface to the Netherworld or the opposite, a cave battle will erupt. With the limited space in the dark corridors that reach between the two levels there is not room for more than 1 company from each side.

In cave battles one company from each side will be selected to fight a battle. From each side the company with the best hit chance and remaining strength will be selected. Even if the attacker eliminates the defending company they will only win if there are no more enemy companies on the sector with the cave opening. If the defender has more companies further attacks must be done to grind them down until no more enemies remain. First then will the army be allowed to pass through the cave opening.

Retreating from ground battles

A combat will continue until all companies has been broken or routed in one of the battle lines. When this happens the side with broken morale will disengage and the battle will end.

If the attacker retreats all his forces will try to retreat to the sector where the army with the lowest initiative came from. If that isn’t possible a random sector without enemies will be selected. If no sector can be found the army will be eliminated.

If the defender retreats his forces will try to retreat to a random sector without enemies excl. the sector where the attacking army with the lowest initiative came from. If no sector can be found the army will be eliminated.

If an army defending a settlement is defeated it’s automatically eliminated.

All retreating armies lose their remaining movement points and movement orders as they are disorganised after the defeat and must prepare before they can move again. If an amphibious assault fails the attacking armies will retreat back to their ships, i.e. become embarked again.

Capturing settlements

Image – A great victory!

If the attacking armies successfully defeat the armies that defend a settlement they will capture or destroy it. Watchtowers are destroyed when captured. All other types of settlements are captured by the attacking empire.

Capturing an enemy settlement is always followed by looting and destruction. Hatred between races and empires, the bloodlust of the soldiers and the need to suppress the heathen civilians makes this happen. This often ends in many deaths and burned down buildings. When a capital is captured the palace is automatically destroyed. An empire can never have more than one palace.

The attacking armies will also loot the former rulers of the settlement and will steal a lot of their riches. This sum is taken directly from the previous owner’s treasury. The richer your target the more loot for your armies to find. A captured settlement will also see a decrease in their loyalty which can take several weeks to return to normal values. This can also have severe consequences on your new settlement.

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