What’s life without a boat…

Here comes a few screenshots of what I’ve been busy with the last days…

Empire report now shows number of fleets, warships and transport ships.

A peaceful landscape with some smaller seas and a few patrolling galleys.
One embarked scout is being transported by Rennis fleet.
Even more galleys are being constructued at Rennis.
It’s windy out there…

5 thoughts on “What’s life without a boat…”

  1. This is awesome! Does this mean that the AI will also be able to send out massive fleets against your coastal towns?

    1. Yes, this is the intention. However, the AI might not be fully trained to use fleets when the Ships & Fleets update is released and further work will be needed to improve the AI.

  2. How about modifying the combat values for each unit types. For example, how come all unit types have similar maximum offense, defense, and other stats. Its unfair for footmen units to reach maximum off & def values as high as those of the cavalry and flying units. Perhaps you should assign different maximum values for each unit types. This would bring better balancing. And how about additional footmen unit abilities such as light infantry and heavy infantry (tho heavy armour ability is already present).

    1. Light infantry is already present with the ability skirmisher and as you say heavy armour is an ability that creates heavy infantry. I might make this more obvious by making these two abilities influence the initiative value of a company design.

      Regarding combat values, the efficiency of a cavalry does not only come from the combat stats since abilities are important. The charge ability gives a massive boost to the damage a cavalry company does against footmen without the pike ability.

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