The Rising Empires 2 challenge!

WeMustConquer, a famous Rising Empires 2 guru, claimed last week that he had beaten his previous world record for record speed at completing a campaign. The new record is a breathtaking 265 turns to clear the Surface and the Netherworld from all hostile, ehhh, and friendly, empires. He played as Krant with the religion Working the land. Undoubtedly a powerful combination.

I say, why don’t we pick up this challenge and see if we can beat his record? Are you worthy of the title Rising Empires Champion?


  • Any race and religion combination allowed.
  • Normal map size
  • Quickstart turned on
  • Neutral empires turned on
  • Difficulty: Normal
  • 5 random opponent empires

Due to the massive differences between the Lite and the full version of the game only applications played on the full version will be accepted.

Email your best attempts to me and I’ll create a top 10 list of the best players and results. The list will include your name (or tag), race and religion played, which turn you eliminate the last empire, and your empire score. Please also send me the version of Rising Empires 2 that you are playing.

Top list (updated July 28 2020)

1: Turn 163, score 190802, WeMustConquer, Krant, There can only be one, version 2.4.10

2: Turn 197, score: 184293, WeMustConquer, Krant, There can only be one, version 2.3.10

3: Turn 252, score: 263293, WeMustConquer, Krant, There can only be one, version 2.3.10

4: Turn 265, score: 315497, WeMustConquer, Krant, Working the land, version 2.2.6

Join us at the Discord channel and tell us about your progress!

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