Race descriptions – Greenskins

Greenskins, or greyskins as they also are called, are a collective name for a couple of races living in the caves below the earth. The most common of these are the Goblins, the Orcs and the Ogres. The name comes from the colour of their skins which may vary between different tribes but stay between dark green and various shades of grey.

The dominant race is the Orcs. Their mix of brutal strength and intelligence/cunning have allowed them to reach a higher rank in the greenskin society than the weaker but more intelligent Goblins and the incredibly strong but dumb Ogres.

The greenskin races live side by side in the same settlements and although fights (often with deadly outcomes) are common they often share the same overall goals and follow the same Warlord. The Warlord is most often an Orc but in rare circumstances the odd Goblin chieftain can claim the title of Warlord.

Greenskin Hierarchy

The greenskin society is a strict hierarchy with the lowest Goblin mud creepers at the bottom and the Orc Warlord alone in the top; a pyramid structure with a majority of the population sharing a low rank.

Ranking is primarily based on raw brutal strength with a mix of intelligence and cunning. A Warlord with only one of these two attributes will be short lived.

It is possible, and also a common occurrence, to change rank in the hierarchy. As the system is based on strength and intelligence, rising in rank often means vicious acts of violence and murder. This is accepted as the usual way to rise in rank. The Warlord only wants the strongest at his side and the Warlord himself is often an impressively large and strong Orc. In larger and more successful tribes and nations the Orc Warlord can be as strong as an Ogre and up to half a meter longer than the average Orc. In these cases the Orc Warlord is a truly fearsome opponent. In smaller and poorer tribes the Warlord is more average but also much more short lived than the giant warriors who lead the larger greenskin empires for decades.


Tattoos are an important aspect of the greenskin society. The tattoos tell the rank of the greenskin as well as important events that have given him his rank. For an outsider the tattoos of a tribe or a empire can be hard or even impossible to decipher but for a member of the tribe or empire it is as natural to read tattoos as to speak the common language.

All tattoos are black, not to confuse with the red and white they paint their bodies with in preparation before a battle. Veteran greenskins of high rank are often more black than green/grey with complicated tattoos all over the body.

A greenskin with no tattoos at all is probably a Goblin mud creeper, the lowest of all the lowest servants who do the latrine duty…


Greenskins believe in higher powers, but the religions differ from tribe to tribe. One thing all Greenskins have in common is the zealot albinos. Greenskins without the green or grey pigments are very rare but play an important role in Greenskin society. When the first albinos were born they were seen as messengers from God. They were given religious training and became holy warriors. Albino warriors are among the craziest and most unpredictable greenskin warriors and they are known for their blood thirst and for throwing themselves mercilessly against enemy formations. More often than not without regard for their own safety…

Preferred level: Netherworld

Major Strengths

  • Greenskins breed like maggots… Their birth rate and death rate are higher than that of the other races. This will see their population increase relatively quickly.

Major Weaknesses

  • Greenskin nations always have a basic economic and military corruption in all their settlements except for the capital city.

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