Race description – Human

Humans are the most diverse of all the races. Even though dwarves are the most adaptable to new environments, their low interest in the outside world makes them more or less alike. Humans on the other hand have a flexible mind and are both willing and able to adapt to new ideas and situations.

Two human nations can be as different from each other as an elf and a greenskin nation can be. More than any others, the humans have a tendency to see themselves and their own way of living as the one choice. This attitude makes conflict between human nations as common, or even more common as they fight for dominance, as conflict between human and non-human nations.

Believing in the superiority of their own religion and lifestyle they often seem fanatical in their quest to change the world and the nations around them to their own likeness. Humans thrive in conflict and often take the largest steps forward in their society and technology when their economy is pushed to its limit by warfare.

GM note: Humans are the ´standard´ race on the Surface. They have no special strengths or weaknesses and are suited for most playing styles.

Preferred level: Surface

Major Strengths

  • Humans are flexible and adapt easily to the situation and their surroundings.

Major Weaknesses

  • Humans have no known weaknesses.

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