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It’s been a while since my last update. That’s not to say that this has been uneventful days for Rising Empires 2. The release of 2.2.5 was a great success and these last weeks have seen more players than ever enjoying the game. But let’s leave the days of past and instead take a look at the future.

The next update, version 2.2.6, is also the 200th build of the code since the first lines of code for Rising Empires 2 was written way too many years ago. My plan is to release this update in the second half of March. If you’re a beta tester you’ll enjoy all the new features as soon as, well, today. The beta build of 2.2.6 was uploaded to Google Play just a few hours ago. Feel free to join the running beta test by e-mailing me your google account e-mail.

Version 2.2.6 includes, as always, a number of fixes but the main changes are the continued work to improve the AI and its behaviour.

But I’ve also taken the opportunity to add a few more map types to the game. For this update I’ve focused on normal 8 empire games and added snake and t-cross formed worlds. I’ve also added some random elements to these new world types as well as to the old square map type. I hope you’ll enjoy these new maps.

Example of a long snake formed world…
Example of a massive t-cross world…

Except for working on the Rising Empires app I’ve also spent a lot of effort to redo and improve the Rising Empires editor. The editor is where I evaluate how the AI performs and it allows me to run the game, AI vs. AI, and study each decision made, battle fought and settlement being updated in detail. Below is an example of the income and population update of a human capital at turn 50:

“Updating income:
Religion bonus: 0,0%, Difficulty bonus: 0,0%, Tax buildings: 2 Marketplace(10%), 1 Trade Center I(20%), 4 Marketplace II(40%), Building tax bonus: 70,0%
(Human) Pop: 49377, Loyalty: 67, Loyalty effect: 5%, Income/pop: 0,91, tax income: 44846
Tax income: 44846, Governor income: 0, Building maintenance: 4750, Leader wages: 0, Total income: 40096″

Updating population:
Food generated – Land: 46735, Fishing: 0, Buildings: 75000, Religion bonus: 0, Difficulty setting: 0 – TOTAL: 121735
Food eaten: 85215, Food stored: 209703 + 36520 = 246223, Food per pop factor: 1,73
(Human)Food BR: 1,11%; Birth buildings: 2 Hospice(10%), 1 Hospice II(10%); Religion bonus: 0,00%, Total BR: 0,55%; Death buildings: ; Total DR: 0,19%; Births: 269,27; Governor: 0,00; Deaths: 95,69; Starved pop: 0; Bonus: 0,06
(Human)New pop: 49377,95 + 173,57 = 49551,52

With the editor updated I hope that I can start looking at adding new features to the game. Features like ships and fleets and more leaders.

Please let me know what you think of the new map types! If you like them, I’ll add more world types for the fast and epic game modes.


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