Progress update on version 2.2.5

Friend of the Empires!

Working with the AI is, I must confess, very rewarding. It’s fun to try to make the AI play the game as you wish.

But working with an AI as complex as the one in Rising Empires is a challange. The last days I’ve found numeroues bugs and errors with how the AI handle its defences. Fixing them makes the AI play more as we originally intended back in the day but it does not necessarily make the AI better, or harder to beat.

Anyway, a new beta build has been uploaded to Google Play just a few minutes ago. It should go live in a few hours for all beta testers. The changelog for this build is (please remember that it also includes all the changes in the previous builds):

  • When searching for a move path the target sector will always be included even if aggressive is set to false and there is an enemy on the sector. Should decrease the issue with scouts wanting to enter cave openings when there are none.
  • When a conquest army has captured a settlement it will search for threats to the captured settlement before it decides to leave it for a new target.
  • When a conquest army has destroyed a neutral nest it will search for a new target before being merged with the army reserve.
  • Lots of fixes for objectives controlling armies that protects against threats.

Time to take a break from the code…


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