Updated graphics engine and updates from the beta test


With version 2.1.5 of Rising Empires 2 an updated, and more stable, graphics engine was introduced. The map freezing issues on the previous versions of the game are a memory of the past but a few other bugs crawled their way into the code. I’m working on fixing these and this brings me to the other subject I wanted to bring up today…

Yes, I’m talking about the running beta test. Work is progressing on the next update which will be 2.2.5. This is mainly an update to the AI which already sees, at least in my eyes, improvements. But I also take the opportunity to add more information about your empire, as can be seen in the empire report above, as well as fixing bugs and other errors.

Below is a list of the current changelog of the beta version of Rising Empires 2:

  • Numerous logging improvements to make it easier to debug AI activity and behind the scenes operations.
  • Scout armies with objective to enter a cave opening will abandon objective if the cave opening is controlled by a friendly empire.
  • Defensive objectives will now stay focused on the settlement they want to protect, decreasing the risk of defensive armies moving back and forth every turn.
  • Settlements will now build courthouses if corruption is 5 or higher instead of 10 or higher.
  • AI will now proritize Weapons I and Spears & Pikes I after Military Organisation to quickly gain better company types.
  • Financial advisor will now request better development technologies if corruption is 10 or higher and Law & Order III haven’t been researched.
  • When selecting what exact technology to research (i.e. not technology type) the AI will now also prioritize Law & Order I, II and III if possible.
  • Fixed crash when playing observe mode and looking at a newly captured settlement which haven’t been reset correctly.
  • Added details of number of soldiers and settlers in Empire report.
  • Fixed numerous crashes that was caused by the updated graphics system.

Would you like to participate in the beta test?

If you do you’ll be able to test new functions and improvements before other players. You need to own the game on Google Play to join.

To join the beta test please send an e-mail with your google-mail to apps@norberg.one. I’ll add your e-mail to the list of beta testers and send you a link allowing you to sign up to the beta program.

I hope to hear from you soon.


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