Festive season update


We’re are now in what we Swedes call the “inbetween days“. The days inbetween Christmas and the New year. To celebrate the festive season Rising Empires 2 is now on sale. 50% off! On both Google Play and Amazon. Grab it now if you haven’t bought it already!!!

With the 2.1.4 update the AI have become better at improving its company designs. It uses more abilities and upgrades more often than before. The insectoid Krant will also keep their flying start scout design and not replace it with cavalry scouts like they did before.

But what are my plans? For the future of Rising Empires 2.

When I re-launched Rising Empires, I had plans for three major updates. A more advanced movement system, updating the AI with more actions to work with and finally adding more leaders like emperors and governors. The advanced movement system was added in version 2.1.2 and now it’s time to look at upgrading the AI.

I have a few ideas on how to improve the AI. At this point I would like to say a big thank you to those beta testers that have sent their observations and thoughts about the AI to me. Here is a list of improvements that I wish to make:

  • After capturing a settlement, the attacking army shall not leave the settlement undefended if there are hostile forces within sight.
  • Increase the use of cavalry for AI empires with the economy to handle it.
  • Add a new action for the AI that allows it to create medium-sized armies for patrol duties. These patrol armies will then be used to safeguard borders from enemy incursions but also, and this especially for empires in the Netherworld, destroy neutral nests. I’ve noticed that many empires have severe problems with Minotaur clans.
  • When the AI capture a small settlement or a capital which get caught in a negative loyalty loop it shall be able to select a new action to abandon the settlement. This will be done by mass producing settlers which can be sent to other settlements. This can also be used by the evil empires following the religion “There can only be one” to make sure that there will only be one race left… or by making those following “Protection of the weak” able to help all starving souls in settlements with little food.

Other changes will also be implemented as I work my way through the AI code. This is a rather complex system and it’s been a while since I developed it. New builds will be uploaded for my beta testers to evaluate during the development phase.

I sure look forward to this as programming the AI and its behaviour is the most interesting aspect of the game development. With this being said I would like to wish you all…

A Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

(Image background by Annie Spratt on Unsplash)

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