One week with Rising Empires 2!

Friend of the Empires!

One week has now passed since I launched Rising Empires 2 on Google Play. And its been a good week. Compared to when Rising Empires Premium was launched six years and one month earlier sales has been on par or slightly better. I’m happy, and I hope you are happy and enjoy playing Rising Empires. Thank you for the good reviews! If we keep this up we’ll soon see our favourite game rise on the Google Play top lists… It might be the next Minecraft! Or perhaps not, my wife says it’s a game made by geeks for geeks…

This last week I’ve also launched the game on Amazon and I plan to launch it on Aptoide and Samsung app store in the near future. Do you know other good app stores? Please let me know and I’ll look into them.

There are two fan-created communities that you could look into if you want to discuss with your fellow Rising Empires players. One is on Discord and the other on Reddit.

With this said, you might start to wonder what’s happening now? I’ve just finished update ”2.0.1 Granary”. I call this the granary update since the AI could not build granaries and always starved at the end of each winter. No more! I’ve also made the AI able to handle corruption by building and upgrading courthouses. The AI doesn’t aim for zero corruption but will try too keep it on the lower end of the scale. Version 2.0.1 will be uploaded for the beta testers today and will go live next weekend.

The next project will be to update the movement system. Today it’s the same amount of movement points to move straight and to move diagonally. My idea is that the total movement cost will be the same as now as I don’t want to change the pace of the game, but moving straight will be faster and diagonally will be slower. This will be a bigger update and will take a little longer to complete. I hope you’re looking forward to this change.

I’m now in the process of starting a closed beta test for those of you who want to help me develop the game. Basically it will allow you to test the new builds before they are rolled out fully on Google Play. Want to be in? You need to own the app on Google play and have a Google account to participate. Send me ( your Google account e-mail and I’ll add you.

I would like to end this post by saying thank you to all of you who participated in the pre-launch beta test. It was tough there a moment, with the black and freezing map screen but we fixed it and I believe the game is pretty stable now.

Thank you!

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