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Welcome to the Rising Empires website. The first iteration of Rising Empires was developed by my brother Johan and me back in the days. Development started in 2011 with the idea of leading the evolution of PBeM gaming and move it to the mobile world. After some initial work we realised that Rising Empires had the potential of becoming a great 4x single player game, we only needed to develop an AI to play the computer empires. Easier said than done.

Most hardcore, issue 2, featuring Rising Empires.

Rising Empires was a serious project, complex for a mobile strategy game, and we created the company Hellhound Interactive for launching the game. It got some good reviews with Most Hardcore declaring it the “most hardcore Android game” and headlining it in their second issue with a big guide to playing Rising Empires.

Unfortunately sales weren’t as good as we had hoped and in 2014 we stopped maintaining Rising Empires. Effectively killing our dream and shutting down Hellhound Interactive.

So what is Rising Empires 2?

But the dream remain. We had plans for Rising Empires that we never had the chance to fulfil, improvements and changes that would keep it at the head of the most advanced strategy games on Android. Shit, this game is complex even when compared to 4x games on PC.

Anyway, this summer I decided to pick up Rising Empires again and continue its development. Rising Empires became Rising Empires 2. The base game remain the same but I wanted to give it an overhaul before launching Rising Empires 2 adding new features and moddability. Is this the first mobile game that can be modded? Here are some of the new features:

  • Corruption – As your empire grows, cities evolves and the royal palace is farther away from the outer fringes of the empire your governors and advisors wants a bigger part of the cake. Money starts to leak, a little bit here and a little bit there.
  • Custom data files – If you want to modify the data files, change the race stats, or modify the tech tree this is now possible. Download the data files here and tick the right box in the options menu. Remember to give Rising Empires access to your external storage.
  • Observe mode – Want to watch the AI handle your empire when you test your modified data files? This is now possible.

I sincerely hope you’ll enjoy playing Rising Empires as much as I’ve done reviving it.

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