Razing a settlement  


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13/10/2019 2:20 am  

Is it possible to raze settlements?

For example, I conquer a greenskin city but I don't want to manage another city right now or I just don't like greenskins. Can I somehow remove the city by constantly pillaging until the population drops to 0? Or is there another way?

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13/10/2019 1:05 pm  

At the moment there is no possibility to just raze cities. You can however build settlers until the population goes below 25. Then the settlement will be disbanded automatically. What you do with the settlers are up to you though...


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29/11/2019 4:26 am  

Played about 6 campaigns now to turn 1500-2000 ish on each. Love this game. I also concur, a "raze settlement" feature would be greatly helpful. Perhaps at a cost of increased corruption across the empire? Maybe more maluses too. Would also be cool to have a stack of say 10-20% of the city population reforming as enemy militia and/or as a slave-settler stack you can use to force into another settlement for numbers.