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dwarves - can't enter cave opening  


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30/03/2020 6:27 am  


i'm a new player, and just bought the game a few days ago

i'm trying to play the dwarves, and i started off with my capital in the underground, and a town on the surface, connected via tunnel.

i'm trying to build settlers and militia in the capital underground, and transfer them to my town on the surface, but when i choose the "enter cave opening", the units never move to the surface. 

Conversely, if i build units on the surface town, I'm able to transfer them down to the underground via "enter cave opening" command. 

So how do i get my underground units to the surface?

Is this a bug ? why is it only a one way movement

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31/03/2020 12:00 am  

It looks like that's a glitch, I tested by starting a new game and I couldn't move the units either, but by closing the game and reloading the save it worked just fine. So did starting a second new game, if you're still using militia than neither should be a problem.

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02/04/2020 10:10 am  

Thank you for letting me know.

This is not something I've experienced myself on my devices. If you could please mail me at "" a saved game where it doesn't work for you I can check if it happen me as well or if it's a device specific issue.