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A few suggestions from an old time player  


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02/02/2020 8:21 pm  

Hello, I just installed Rising Empires 2 (Lite version) yesterday and I had been playing it on my laptop nonstop. I remember playing this game years back and how fun it was. Unfortunately, I couldn’t send my suggestions to the developers back then, which is why I am writing this now as I would like to give some thoughts about several parts of the game that I badly wanted to change/implement.


1) Making/Conquering new towns and losing them…

Ok, let's be real here, the game actually punishes you for making a new settlement or conquering one without being able to hold it. There are very few benefits to creating a new town without being devoted to developing it into a new metropolis that can pop out enough population to create/replenish its own army. In all of my playthroughs, the AIs that focus on building new towns are always the ones that lose first as they have to waste time building up settlers and escorts only to have them killed a dozen turn later while their newly established town conquered by someone else.

This is a complicated problem, so let's just brush this aside for now and talk about how conquering a new town is a serious pain for the player: If you don't hold this town and it gets conquered by someone else later, you will lose a ton of money and loyalty... This makes you just want to buy every citizens in that 1000 population town, wait a turn and disband them all so that you won't have a headache later on. This is something that should really change, and here's how:

-Capturing a town should give a bonus to global loyalty depending on its population, such as:

Town (originally didn’t belong to you) with a population of

If conquered, will give you


If you capture a town (not built by you), you will gain a global loyalty bonus. If this town is recaptured in the future, you won’t receive any penalty to your global loyalty (unless in the situation like below)

less than 5,000

0 global loyalty

5,000-less than 10,000

1-4 global loyalty

10,000-less than 20,000

5-9 global loyalty

20,000 and above

10 global loyalty

Capital city (the place that you start out with; each race can only have 1 capital; if lost, a town can be selected as the new capital)

20 global loyalty; this town will then lose its status as a Capital

-Unless you have already settled some of your own citizens from your civilization into that town, you won't get a loyalty pelnaty. After all, why would your citizens care about a captured enemy town getting captured again? Furthermore, different towns should have different captured pelnaty depending on its population, such as:

Town (of your own race)                 with a population of

If conquered, will make you lose

If a town built by you got conquered by enemy A and you recapture it later on, then its loyalty will change to how it was 1 turn before it was captured by A; you also gain back half of the global loyalty you lost back when this town was lost, rounded down

less than 5,000

0-4 global loyalty

5,000-less than 10,000

5-9 global loyalty

10,000-less than 20,000

10-19 global loyalty

20,000 and above

20 global loyalty

Capital city (the place that you start out with; each race can only have 1 capital; if lost, a town can be selected as the new capital)


30 global loyalty

  • If the captured town have the same population type as your race, then the new population should change to be noted as ‘conquered (race name)’. This population will decrease by a small percentage each turn into your own people. For example: You play as Human, capture a Human town. The new population of this town is ‘Conquered Human: a’ in turn 1; if it gets captured by someone else, then you won’t receive any penalty to global loyalty. On turn 2, its population becomes ‘Conquered Human: 99% of a’ and ‘Human: 1% of a’; if it gets captured by someone else, then you will receive a penalty to global loyalty according to the table above. The rate of converting conquered population to normal population each turn can be changed depending on the developers.
  • Even if the new population from a newly conquered town is the same as the race you play with, you can only recruit customized armies based on the number of converted population + your own population in that town while the Conquered population can only become Miltia/Forced laborer (This will bring an interesting mechanic to the game, would you rather employ a ‘raid and conscript’ tactic or slowly build up trust with the new population to get their cooperation? New tech trees or leaders like the ‘Overseer’ or ’Governor’ can be added to massively increase the rate of conversion/decrease the pelnalty from having many races in a town)

-For the sacking bonus, let's have it like this:

You capture town A: You get gold based on its population and the number of market buildings it has

You lose town A later: You lose gold = % gold capturing town A gave you + % gold town A generated during the time you held it

(the % can be determined by the developers and can be influenced by race, religion or perk)

  • Racial perks like 'Looter' /'Sacker' could also be added into the game and have a massive role in how you play a race. For example, a town will give extra gold when captured based on the number of invading armies with those perks but said town will lose more buildings and population in the process.
  • An army with perks that give bonus to sacking should be given a pelnaty to their morale and be unable to have 'Fearless' or 'Disciplined' perks to indicate that they are unhonorable sellswords (unless their religion is ‘There can only be one’ or if they are a specific race like Orc)
  • Different races will also react differently to the 'Looter' perk: Orc gets even more gold and a small global loyalty to indicate their war-like nature. Human and Dwarf remain unchanged. Elve and Krant get less gold (elve is not meant to be looters and krant simply consumes a huge part of the spoil as food). Religions such as 'Protection of the weak' should get a global pelnaty everytime they capture a new town which was conquered by an army comprised of looters while 'There can be only one'/'Cash is king' should get extra gold (with the first one also getting a small global loyalty to indicate their war-like nature), etc...

-There are a few types of buildings that should be reworked, such as Granary (lv 2 and above are obsolete), Fishing hut and Guard house. For now, let's talk about Guard house and how it could be improved. It is completely wasteful buying a Guard house and lose a building space instead of buying a scout and use it as a garrison unit (which does the same thing as a guard house and can even prevent another scout from taking the place). Instead, the Guard house should become a researchable tech tree and be divided into different levels. For example:

Town with a population of

Can build

Which costs

less than 5,000

Local patrol - gives 5 miltia armies

5% of the gold it generates per day


5,000-less than 10,000

Town patrol - gives 5 miltia armies, 1 warrior army and 2 archer army (warrior and archer armies will have the lowest level of offense, defense, armor and the 'Recruit' perk)


10% of the gold it generates per day


10,000-less than 20,000

City guard - gives 8 miltia armies, 2 warrior armies and 4 archer armies (warrior and archer armies will have a decent level of offense, defense, armor and the 'Disciplined' perk)


15% of the gold it generates per day


20,000 and above

Elite guard - gives 10 miltia armies, 4 warrior armies, 6 archer armies and 2 calvary armies (warrior, archer and calvary armies will have a high level of offense, defense, armor and the 'Disciplined' + 'Fearless' perks)


20% of the gold it generates per day

Capital city (the place that you start out with; each race can only have 1 capital; if lost, a town can be selected as the new capital)

Defenders of the nation – gives 12 miltia armies, 6 warrior armies, 8 archer armies and 3 calvary armies (ALL armies will have a high level of offense, defense, armor and the 'Disciplined' + 'Fearless' perks)

Free; This will also prevent the AI from foolishly losing its capital due to sending all of its armies away to conquer an enemy town while there is a 20-unit enemy army 2 tiles away

  • The population above is of your own race. For example, if you are playing as Human and have a town with 8,000 Human and 2,000 Orc, then you can buy Town patrol as the Orc population doesn’t count
  • these armies are invisible on the world map, can’t be clicked to move and they are ONLY present when defending the town against an enemy’s attack (which means that they only appear in combat when the town is attacked and can help the defending army currently stationed inside the town)
  • their number can be shown when clicking on the town -> View details -> Contents -> Garrison
  • their number will slowly replenish if killed in battle WITHOUT lowering the population of said town

2) Not-very-smart AI

Remember how an AI can march 10 of its settler armies into 10 directions, waste a bunch of time and resources building new towns without focusing on any particular one, losing said towns to wandering armies and waste even more time and resources reclaiming them… all while there is a 20-unit army from the enemy 2 tiles away from their capital? Yeah, that, let’s talk about that.

Ok, I know that making a smart AI is not an easy task, and this game’s AI doesn’t even know how to prioritize its tasks. A shining future is when the AI learns to deploy/recall its armies based on the situation or learn that building a town and developing it to at least 10,000 population is the bare minimum to get more troops. However, that future is far away, and so…

PLEASE give this game a multiplayer option. It doesn’t even need to be an option to play with other players online (that is for the future, hopefully) but simply offline, with players taking turn to play. Heck, being able to control all 8 AIs and slowly build them up to have one final clash is far more rewarding (and plausible) than the prospect of creating an AI capable of playing properly. So PLEASE make a multiplayer mode.

3) Other problems, which won’t be listed in this post

AI never uses flying scout for some reasons, AI buys a bunch of single army instead of combining them into one, AI doesn’t realize that a 12-unit army will get squashed by a 20-unit army and retreating is an option, AI doesn’t upgrade its buildings to the newest tier, Pillaging is not worth it at best and annoying at worst, Player needs to delete an old tier building and rebuild it to a new tier instead of having an option to manually upgrade said building, etc…


I could go on, but 1) and 2) are what I believe to be the most crucial points that, if changed or implemented, could greatly benefit the experience a player can have while playing this game. I hope that this post is helpful to the development of the new Rising Empire. Thank you for reading and please feel free to share your own opinions regarding the topic.


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08/02/2020 7:25 am  

In case the tables couldn't show, here's the pictures of them:


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22/02/2020 1:10 pm  

Hi OTna,

First I would like to thank you for some really good suggestions. The Lite version is, as the names implies, a Lite version of the game. This includes the AI which is further developed in the full version.

Regarding new towns, I want to promote the value of expanding and building new towns, not punish those that does it. On the other hand, it should also be viable to play tall and not expand much. It's a complex issue and I'm sure we'll come up with some good ideas that will improve the situation. I like the idea of a captured population although this is not possible to add in the current version of the game (such a big change in the code will crash all old saved games).

Some of the other suggestions, like a global loyalty bonus when capturing a town, is easier to implement and sounds logical. Of course your loyal subjects cheers when an enemy city is captured.

Well, this have given me lots to think about.