Fate of an Empire – Dev diary #10


It’s that time again. A lot has been done on the game since the last status update. The good news, the game is possible to play now with the new hexagonal grid system. Many of the new features have been implemented, the only major feature to be added is settlement focus which I spoke about last week.

Image – Game footage from build 99.

My focus now is to find and fix all game crashing bugs while also updating all layouts to the new graphical profile. Finding bugs are easy, I just play the game and test all features. Or, I watch the AI play the game and just process lots of turns. Updating layouts are harder as I still have alot to learn about GUI…

Image – The start screen in landscape mode (W.I.P.)

Fate of an Empire – Age of War will support both potrait and landscape mode. In the start screen you will be able to swap between the two modes but once you continue it will be locked in that mode.

Image – The new contact screen. Now with a link to the Facebook page.

Today I fixed the contacts window as you can see above. To make it easier for players and fans who aren’t using Discord or Reddit I’ve created a Facebook page. Please check it out and follow Fate of an Empire to stay up to date with the development progress.

Now is a good time to join the beta. Create your own world and fight for dominance. Then share your maps with the community.

Take care!

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