Rising Empires 2 reviewed at taimienphi.vn


Today I have great news, Rising Empires 2 has been reviewed at the Vietnamese website taimienphi.vn. And they give Rising Empires 2…


Yes, five stars! Click here to read the review. I’m very happy about this and would like to thank Nguyen Thuy Thanh and taimienphi.vn for taking the time and effort to review the game.

Work with the coming update is progressing with a good pace and I hope I’ll be able to write some more about it as well as show you some screenshots. Nina has done wonders with the graphics and the flavour texts are getting better and better. My plan is to publish the next update next weekend, probably on Saturday July 11th.

If you want to help out writing flavour texts for the detailed combat reports there are a dedicated group on the Discord server giving me their support. Or, if you need help with the game or just want to talk to fellow players please join us at the Discord channel or at Reddit (links to both can be found if you click on the welcome link on the menu above). I hope to see you around!


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