Changelog Rising Empires 2 Lite

********** Version 2.0.12 **********

  • Updated contact and rate game dialog windows.

********** Version 2.0.11 **********

  • Fixed error with odd crash when sector dialog is opened.
  • Made most dialog windows in the map view possible to close by pressing outside the window.

********** Version 2.0.10 **********

  • Updated the contacts dialog screen with a question to players to rate the game at Google Play store.
  • At turn 100 a rate dialog screen will be shown asking players to rate the game at Google Play store.
  • Fixed odd crasch when the army object is null and the sight value can’t be calculated.
  • Fixed another odd crash where a memory location didn’t have a list of armies.

********** Version 2.0.9 **********

  • Fixed crasch when AI has completed the tech tree and can’t find a new technology to research.

********** Version 2.0.8 **********

  • Fixed numerous crashes that was caused by the updated graphics system.
  • Fixed error that crashed game when AI is selecting a new research project and can’t find any.

********** Version 2.0.7 **********

  • Reworked the graphics system. Essentially moving from two threads; one updating and one drawing the map to one thread which handle both tasks. Also updated the code around the threads to make the app work better. This should finally solve the issue with the map freezing.
  • Fixed crash when list of armies in a sector doesn’t exist.
  • Fixed error that made ability sapper impossible to select.
  • Computer controlled empires will now use ability sapper in their attack companies.
  • Added temporary fix with Android 10 deprecating the old file handling system. This caused errors when loading and saving files.

********** Version 2.0.4 **********

  • Implemented race bonuses and penalties to corruption in settlements.
  • Lots of corruption balance changes.
  • Fixed one crash when selecting a sector that doesn’t exist.

********** Version 2.0.3 **********

  • Updated background images for progress screen to decrease memory usage.
  • Added Google Play image and link to non-Lite version on contacts dialog screen.

********** Version 2.0.2 **********

  • Fixed odd crash when a sighted army don’t exist.
  • Implemented Firebase crashlytics for better error reporting.

********** Version 2.0.1 **********

  • AI empires are now able to build granaries and courthouses.
  • Fixed error where AI empires could not upgrade all types of buildings.
  • AI will now try to react if corruption increases to much.
  • Base corruption from number and type of settlements capped at 100 (can be countered by 5 Courthouse IV).

********** Version 2.0.0**********

  • Release version of Rising Empires 2 Lite.

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  1. Could you maybe add a sort of wiki for the different races and stuff like ghouls. Because I still can’t find a way to fully exterminate the ghouls from my land 😀

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