Changelog Rising Empires 2

********** Version 2.1.2 **********

  • Implemented race bonuses (Elf -2/Krant -5) and penalties (Greenskin +2/Ende +2/Dwarf +1) to corruption level in settlements.
  • Settlements now have corruption caps from empire size depending on settlement type (small town: 20, large town: 40, city: 60, province capital: 80 and capital: 100). Other factors (race, wealth and buildings) can still make total corruption above this cap although the corruption level will never be higher than 100.
  • Corruption will now adjust over several turns toward the target corruption value instead of changing immediately. How quickly the corruption changes depends on settlement type with larger settlements changing faster.
  • Straight movement cost is decreased with 10%.
  • Diagonal movement cost is increased with 10%.
  • Straight and diagonal movement is now shown in sector details view.
  • Updated background images for progress screen to decrease memory usage.
  • Fixed one crash when selecting a sector that doesn’t exist.

********** Version 2.0.2 **********

  • Fixed odd crash when a sighted army don’t exist.
  • Implemented Firebase crashlytics for better error reporting.

********** Version 2.0.1 **********

  • AI empires are now able to build granaries and courthouses.
  • Fixed error where AI empires could not upgrade all types of buildings.
  • AI will now try to react if corruption increases to much.
  • Base corruption from number and type of settlements capped at 100 (can be countered by 5 Courthouse IV).

********** Version 2.0.0**********

  • Release version of Rising Empires 2.

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